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Upcoming gigs

Doc is currently shooting  "It's Love" for Krakin Productions
Doc is appearing in the play  Burning Bridget at The Rental Theatre, Burwood April 8-10 2021
Gigs are back:
Sun 11th April  1pm- w/ The Salty Blow Out @ Republica (St Kilda Sea Baths) as part of St Kilda Blues Festival
Doc is excited to announce he’s joined The Salty Dog Blow Out as the   on electric and resonator guitar player. The band is made up of veterans of from the Melbourne blues scene boasting amazing pedigrees and talent. It’s an honour to be in such company, Salty Dog Dennis 'Salty' Trevarthen  - vocals, harmonica, guitar; Peter Beulke - bass; Tony Martin - drums; Doc White - guitar, harmonica, vocals.
The Salty Dog Blues Blow Out take their inspiration from one of the most exciting eras of the blues, when musicians from the rural south made their way to Chicago, plugged in and let it rip. Watch this space for gigs and other news.

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From the desk of Doc

Random musings and mutterings

I was always a late developer in everything. I didn’t start singing until I was in my late 20s. Songwriting came much later. When I was a kid, it was always the guitar. The damn thing was all consuming and it never came easily. When songs manifested themselves out of the ether, it was like discovering the right end of the telescope for the first time. Suddenly the purpose of the instrument became clear. Everything made sense. My horizons had broadened as my focus sharpened. The universe had been telling me all the while the guitar was supposed to be the means, not the end, I just wasn’t listening.